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“My passion lies in the challenge of capturing the beauty, delicacy and fragility of the human expression”

Allow us to take you on a journey that, we guarantee, will not only be visually euphoric but will also transcend your soul.  We will introduce you to vibrant and exhilarating colors that you never knew existed, beauty that was once believed to be hidden, despair that is overshadowed by hope, and reality that is no longer too agonizing to face….

This journey may be a virtual one, through our Portfolio, or it can be an experience never to be forgotten. Our recent exhibits page will keep you informed of show schedules and private exhibits aimed at giving collectors the opportunity to not only experience the art but to interact with the artist and his passion for his craft.

 Under “Shop”, you have the option to create, save and manage your “own” portfolio with items, from our portfolio, that fit your collection or decorative needs. You too will have the opportunity to explore your inner creativity.  You will be able to privately communicate with us while having the flexibility to subscribe (or unsubscribe) to this and other valuable tools.

Privacy issues are of extreme importance to us. Please rest assured that any information that you share with us will be handle in strict confidence.

Enter….it is our pleasure to help you fulfill your desire to be surrounded by beauty….

Original Paintings

Latest Collection


– 2022

"Looking Backward to Go Forward"

– 2016

"Rivière Froide"

– 2016

"Harmonious Passion"

– 2023

"Morning Xchange"

– 2017

"Hounski Kanzo"

– 2017

"Ibo Ballerine"

– 2016

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